You would never know


what sad of a soul I really have. It’s hard to vent to people who don’t understand, so for the most part I just keep to myself. I can never let go of the hurt someone has caused me. I’ve tried, didn’t work. I’m not quite understanding why I’m all of a sudden getting mad all over again for…

Is it bad to date in the friend circle


Nooo! I don’t get why people say that.
It’s a hit or a miss, but that happens with every relationship anyway.

Yes dating your friend can ruin the relationship if you break up, but you know what’s even worse…?
Holding back the feelings you have for your friend and carrying on an awkward friendship.
You can’t help your feelings.

This is what will happen:
If you open up about your feelings for a friend, they will either like you back or they’ll decline and you’ll move on and remain good friends.
That’s it basically. Even if they want to remain friends you’ll feel better that you aired out your feelings for them and you’ll continue being friends and you’ll stop wasting your time on something that won’t bloom and then you’ll move on and date someone else. Simple as that!

tl;dr : Dating your friend is not a bad thing.